Protecting and Growing Capital Across Cycles

All Access Investment

A new paradigm in providing access to global funds, built over decades as global capital allocators giving unique insights to the most sophisticated global investors.

Core Strategy: Diversified and liquid. Allocates capital to a mix of global active strategies.

Private Equity Strategy: Invests in world-class private equity firms across multiple vintage years to create strong and diversified portfolios.

Venture Strategy: Invests in difficult-to-access world-class venture firms from seed and early-stage to growth equity.

Future Generation Strategy: Diversified and longterm. Designed with principles that preserve and grow capital for the future.

Core Global Strategy: Diversified, liquid, with a Shariah Murabaha structure. Allocates capital to a mix of global active strategies.

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With over three decades of capital allocation of billions for sovereign and private wealth funds, Liwa has a team of globally diverse managers unified in purpose.