Stability through market cycles.

A team well versed in the evolution of investments and asset management

The pursuit of balance and diversification

Liwa Capital Advisors places geographic diversification of assets and economic balance in portfolio construction above all else.

We have spent our careers searching for the highest-quality asset managers, and have set a high bar for ourselves to allocate our investors’ capital.

Our investors are our partners

We believe in sharing knowledge and insights with our investors, to help them navigate the ever-changing global investment landscape.


years experience investing for sovereign wealth funds through market cycles


year Liwa founded by Hashim Kudsi and Khalifa Al Kindi

Our Investment Principles

Geographic Diversification

Investments spread across over 45 countries.

Economic Balance

Instruments that can address different economic environments.


Fund managers who have experienced historical market cycles and have the ability to actively shift allocations.

A history of excellence

Our founders have decades of experience managing the assets of sovereign wealth funds.

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