A time-tested approach.

Experience navigating global economic events and cycles and the evolution of the asset management industry

A solid foundation for growth

Liwa follows the same principles today that our founders have employed for more than 30 years to preserve and grow the capital of sovereign wealth funds and endowments.

Khalifa Al Kindi joins the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

The US stock market crashes.

Hashim Kudsi joins the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

Interest rates spike and the bond market crashes.

The Asian financial crisis ignites and spreads through the region, sparking fears of a global economic meltdown.

The dot com bubble peaks in March, precipitating a crash the following year.

Khalifa Al Kindi and team set up the Abu Dhabi Investment Council.

The global financial crisis undermines markets everywhere and leads to the Great Recession.

Hashim Kudsi and Khalifa Al Kindi launch Liwa Capital Advisors.

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